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PRP Advisers provide general and personal financial advice. We look at the broad picture and work collaboratively to determine what steps will ensure the best outcome for you financially. We know that our clients are all different and have unique needs, which is why we take the time to get to know you.

No matter what stage of your career or your life you are at – whether your goals are related to retiring, going on a holiday, buying your first home, starting or building an investment portfolio, or saving for something special: we can help.

Wealth Creation

The creation of a successful wealth accumulation strategy begins with you. Once we understand your desired result, we can work together to create, implement, monitor and adjust an investment plan to get you there.

At PRP Advisers our wealth creation process is simple yet constantly evolving, and always highly personalised. Your goals may be related to retirement, buying your first home, creating or building an investment portfolio or going on a holiday. We utilise our expert knowledge and experience across a variety of asset classes and investment options to develop a plan to meet your current and long-term financial needs.

Investment and Share Trading

Although investment markets and share trading strategies can be complex, they are a vital part of building wealth and making your money work hard for you. We provide you with a simplified solution and advice on a broad range of asset classes, sectors and exchanges, both domestically and globally.

Our offering includes access to market leading direct equities and managed fund research which can be utilised to construct and manage your individually tailored investment portfolio or monitor and grow an existing portfolio.

We can also provide an execution-only retail share trading service for those who are self-directed.

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Superannuation is often your largest investment asset, yet it is commonly overlooked or ignored in the accumulation years. Navigating the legislation around superannuation can be tough, but there are several effective strategies you can employ to make the most out of your money.

Our experienced team can assist you with:
Fund comparison and review
Consolidation of existing funds
Asset allocation and investment options inside your superannuation
Contribution strategies and advice aimed at boosting your retirement savings in a tax effective manner
Advice on whether a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) is the right structure for you and how to go about setting it up.


Moving into retirement can be a confusing time for many and often means a significant change to your income. Our aim is to help alleviate the risk of outliving your retirement savings by providing you with some clarity around questions such as:
“When can I retire?”
“How much do I need?”
“How do I get there?”

This stage of life looks different for everyone and having a clear, concise plan in place is imperative to achieving your retirement goals. Our retirement services include:
Boosting retirement savings
Transitioning to retirement
Creating retirement income streams
Assisting with Centrelink or DVA entitlements
Ongoing review and management of your retirement savings
Aged Care Advice

Aged Care

Planning for aged care can be a stressful time. But early planning and good advice can help minimise the stress for you and your family. You will face many personal and financial decisions as you make plans for your future. We can help you understand the care options available to you, the costs associated with these options, and the best way to structure your finances to pay for the right level of care for you. Getting the right information and best advice now will help you make the best choices for your future care, security, and happiness.

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